The slow slide to the Fourth Reich

On the eve of the WA election I was at a social event and a woman there said she was going to vote for the Libs. I asked why and she said because of the asylum seekers. When I asked what about asylum seeker she said that she got so many emails about them it must be true. She could not say except in very vague terms what must be true.

I was surprised how much support she had from others at the event.

Fear is the tool of the radical right. Create fear, no matter how irrational and offer a supposed solution and you will succeed in subverting logic, humanity and democracy.

Fear destroys any sense of rationality. There is no logic in being scared of spiders or mice. You may not like them but fear is not a rational response.

The weapon of the far right is irrational rear. In Nazi Germany it was fear of Jews. In Israel it is the fear of Palestinians that fuels the radical elements of politics. The Tea party in America create fear of everyone and everything.

Here in Australia we have the Murdoch-Abbot axis creating fear of asylum seekers, climate change, Labour’s economic management and anything else that can be used.

My only fear in Australian politics is the slow slide to the Fourth Reich.

That fear took on a new meaning with the opposition’s position of reporting to police and neighbours when asylum seekers moved into the district. That really is at the boundary of classic Forth Reich politics. Create irrational fear of a small minority who have no way of defending themselves and destroy any pretence of humanity. If you can say it is for ‘their own good’ so much the better.

Is my fear as irrational as the fear created by the Murdoch-Abbott alliance when I hear that a persons’ vote depends on how many hate emails they receive? The really scary thing is that the woman who made the remark, and those who supported her where not uneducated people. Most have a professional education and positions.

I cannot even dismiss them as a dumb ignorant minority, if I chose to be that judgmental. These are the very people that Australia looks to to provide leadership and guidance in many areas.

In Western Australia fear has played a major part in electing a far right government intent on continuing giving away state assets to developer in the name of balancing the budget. Perth City will have the Swan River Foreshore destroyed and major traffic problems created. Mengles Bay will be decimated and Lake Richmond put at grave environmental risk. In our North West and the Kimberly region traditional owners will continue to be told “Give us your land. If you don’t we will take it anyway.”

All this because federally the Murdoch-Abbott alliance has created an irrational fear of a very small number of people who are here because of very real fears they have ‘that forced them to leave their homelands to seek safety and support in Australia.

2 thoughts on “The slow slide to the Fourth Reich

  1. Good point. Unfortunately there is a political malaise in Australian politics at present which is the ‘more of the same only slightly different’ policies of both major parties who rigidly adhere to the Chicago School theory of economic fundamentalism, which further blurs the distinction and leaves the voter with very little choice between the two. What is needed is a third force. The Greens, who are in the best position to take advantage of this, seem unable or unwilling to capitalise on this for fear of being painted as Luddites who want to force a return to the Agrarian Age, or as inner city dwelling, latte sipping, political correct socialists by the mainstream press, especially News Ltd. At present, the electorate is desperate for change and would leap at the chance to cast their ballot for a party whose policies reflect a new consciousness for the twenty first century rather than the outmoded philosophies of the major parties who are still stuck in the mid twentieth century. Nature however, abhors a vacuum and in the absence of a new consciousness, it is most likely that a another party will emerge from either the far Left or the far Right. Most likely in the current climate it will be from the far Right, driven as you observe, by the politics of fear, similarly to the rise of Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The Nazis spent nearly a decade in the political wilderness and were dismissed by by the majority of German voters during the ’20s until the Great Depression and its effect of massive social dislocation. As the blind adherence to economic fundamentalism by the major parties which is demanding more and more sacrifice from those who can least afford it in order to funnel wealth to those who need it least, the stage seems to be set for similar circumstances to those of the late ’20s, only this time the stage is world wide rather than confined to national boundaries; the only thing need is the emergence of a ‘charismatic leader’ who promises deliverance from ‘the other’. We should all be on our guard.
    For more on this topic, please feel free to visit and comment on my own blog site:

  2. Josef,
    Nicely put I have been advocating for the Canadian type media laws that actually keeps Murdoch’s influence to a minimum there, boy are they lucky.

    Here we have a media monopoly determined to ensure a change of government to his liking using the old but workable Goebbel’s principle tell a lie often enough and perception is that it is true.
    Australia is sliding down this path and our only media that should be pointing this out the abc & sbs are failing across the board. Social media is fighting back but 3 years of the lie propaganda program is an almost impossible hill to climb.
    My only hope is that Australia wakes up or the green army could turn into a brown army(SA) and the nightmare begins

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