Howards NBN rip-off

The story of the NBN starts with the beginning of the Internet in Australia. Telstra was not prepared and needed barrow loads of money spent to make it Internet ready.

Telstra engineers at the time wanted to make Telstra a wholesaler to create a level playing field for Commercial enterprises and future revinue to keep the network up to date. Basically many Telstra engineers wanted Julia Gillard’s NBN long before it became articulated as such.

Instead of spending the money necessary Howard embarked on a massive advertising campaign to promote Telstra as a world standard communications company when it was in reality a basket case. When the Australia public had been conned sufficiently he sold them half of Telstra for about four times market value. It was a massive corporate fraud that would have earned a ‘civilian’ serious jail time.

Now the Lib’s continuously quote Howard’s budget surplus but forget it came about because of insider trading of the worst kind.

The NBN will be what Telstra should have become at the time of Howard, but now Abbott wants to complete the rip-off by giving it all to Murdoch.

The internet has become central to modern life and is now essential for democracy. It is becoming the only way to express views contrary to MSM. If Abbott finishes what Howard started freedom of speech in Australia is doomed

1 thought on “Howards NBN rip-off

  1. Thank you for the post Yosef. I was unaware that the Rodent had manipulated Telstra’s value to that extent.

    Yet another example of the corruption that existed in spades in the Rodent government and still exists in the LNP today, aided and abetted by the msm.

    Will we ever be rid of the Rodent’s evil and corrupt influence?

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