What sort of country are we creating?

This evening I heard word reminiscent of the early speeches of Hitler. We should track asylum seekers released in our society. Abbott also supported the announcements made yesterday, that police and neighbours would be informed when asylum moved into the district. From there to the requirement that Asylum Seekers wear a yellow crescent on the front of their clothes is only a very small step.

I am English by Birth, a mongrel by ancestry and Australian by choice. When I first came to WA I thought it was possible there were better places in the world but just in case there was not I would settle here, and I have loved it. It was not perfect but from what I had left behind it was heaven.

There were a few things that I found strange like the way Australia clung to the identity of the loveable larrikin as Australia grew increasingly sophisticated. Aboriginal people came to officially exist. My daughter was in the first year of school that abolished boys and girls units. I have seen equality become a reality if not yet complete.

I have loved this country and proud to have been part of its growth. I thank Australia sincerely for the education I could never have had in East London.

Then along comes Abbott.

If Abbott gains power we will be straight back to the 1950’s. Asylum seekers next door will replace Reds under the bed. God forbid that in Australia someone should speak a foreign language or not be a Christian.

I have known many Italian families where Mama or Papa has remained rooted in the old country, but their children have made the transition. Australia has become more diverse and richer for it with the traditions and culture they have bought with them.

But Abbott wants to drag us back seventy years to a time when all Australians were called Bruce or Sheila.

Abbott seems intent in returning to a white Australia policy. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that our planet has gone around the sun seventy times since then. Asia has changed out of all recognition.

If Abbott wins power we might find that the old white supremacy policies of the 1050’s translate in the modern world as poor white trash from the Deep South.

The world must never be allowed to think that Abbott represents Australia. Australia has come too far to regress back to the 1950’s.

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