Open Letter to Liberal supporters.

From my anti-Abbott blogging many seem to think I am a staunch Labour voter. This is not true. I am basically a swinging voter election by election. The thing that I do not support under any circumstances is radical or fundamentalist policies.

I voted for John Howard the first time he was elected. But since then the what was once the Liberal party has moved further and further to the right until now it is and extreme right organisation. Sarah Palin or Ric Santelli could not have invented the Liberal party as it is today.

Once the Liberals were a political party that had ideas, policies and principles. I did not agree with everything the Liberals stood for but they did provide a real government or a real opposition, depending on who held power at the time.

Those days are gone. Now we have an empty shell dominated by a few radicals who seem intent to bring the 1950’s policies of B A Santamaria back to life. Santamaria had his ‘Reds under the Bed.’ Abbot now has his ‘Asylum seekers next door.’ It is the same grab for power by fear and innuendo that I thought had died with Joseph McCarthy, an alcoholic senator in the USA who destroyed many lives in the USA by labeling them communists.

Yesterday we had communists, today we have asylum seekers. When do we get over having to have people to hate and fear?

Please liberal voters, are you really Liberal voters? If you are Liberal voters how can you possibly vote for Tony Abbott? He is not a Liberal. At the best he is the leader of the Australian Tea Party, at worst a lot worse than that.

Please get rid of Abbot, get a real leader and return to being The Liberal Party. If you do that we can have a discussion on policy for the first time in many years, the people will have choices and democracy will return to Australia

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