Abbott proposes Police State.

Police to be informed when asylum seekers are released in community? The neighbours will be informed? Did I hear that right? This is Police State policy.

Remember the German writer whose name unfortunately I cannot remember.

When they came for homosexuals I did nothing.

When they came for the Jews I did nothing.

When they came for my neigbour I did nothing.

When they came for me it was too late.

Every time measures are taken that limit the rights of any group, or place then under surveillance for no good reason (such as criminal activity) it brings limitations to our rights one step closer.

It happens by degrees. When someone’s rights are trampled on even if they are distant to us it is a violation of our right. The whole area of civil rights has shrunk.

Little by little the country becomes a Police State. If the fear of asylum seekers is used to restrict rights all the Abbot will have to do is engender fear about the next group, then the next group and so on. Sooner or later that will include us all.

This is not an issue restricted to the human treatment of asylum seekers. This is about the proposed erosion of civil rights by Abbott aimed at us all.

Thank you Abbott for at last coming clean about the type of Australia you want to create.

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