Stark Difference between Labour and Liberal in the West.

Approaching the State election the big differences in ideology that has always been just below the surface in Western Australia has become more apparent. If you want services and infrastructure vote Labour. If you want to give public lands to developers so that build rather shabby monuments to the current Liberal Emperor vote Liberal.

Labours contribution to the state in resent years has been the immensely successful Mandurah rail link, the re-opening and refurbishing of the Fremantle rail link after the total chaos caused when the Liberals closed it.

Also the planning and implementation upgrades to our road system that has proved to be farsighted and visionary in scope. there have been many other Labour led major infrastructure projects like the Fioan Stanley Hospital.

Labour also planed a rail link to the airport that was scrapped by the Liberals, and now it is re-introduced as a policy by Labour the Liberals have been forced to copy it because Blind Freddy can see that without it our airport will be gridlocked.

The only ‘achievements’ liberals in recent years is a rather insipid phallic symbol called ‘The Bell Tower’ hidden somewhere along the foreshore. I am never certain where it is until I fall over it. There is of course the Convention Centre that I do my best to ignore.

This time around we have Elizabeth Quays. Elizabeth Quays is a disastrous attempt at planning at the best and will cause utter chaos in the city. At the worst it is a blatant give-away of State Assets for the commercial benefit if a few developers and as a monument to Emperor Barnet.

I am interested in the future planning of Perth and the State, but Elizabeth Quays came completely out of left field. It was announced and implemented with such speed that I have to ask ‘Who gets what why and how?’ Where is the transparency? What are the developers paying (if anything), who gets the money, who gave Barnet permission to give away State assets.

Labour has adopted scheme to make the best of a bad situation by adopting a well considered plan by Linley Lutton and a group called ‘The Gatekeeper.’ This plan rescues the work already done on Elizabeth Quays and converts it to a rather nice amenity for the people of Perth.

I can see that adoption of the Gatekeeper scheme could sent standard for a really pleasant and liveable future development of the Perth City Foreshore, a place where people would want to go.

If Elizabeth Quays were the only reason for voting labour on March 9 it would be an imperative. If it is not stopped the People of Western Australia will have to live with Barnet’s disaster for a very long time.

Who gave Barnet permission to promise Mangles Bay to a developer so there could be another mosquito breeding ground called a canal development? They call it a marina.

This seems to be a deliberate attempt to mislead. There is a lot of confusion Between Mangles Bay and the Wanliss Street Marina. The Wanliss Street project is a Marina that will be in keeping with providing future quality development in Rockingham. I think it is a good scheme and people seem to like it. Unfortunately when the Mangles Bay Marina is mentioned it gets confused with Wanliss Street.

Mangles bay is close to a very important fresh water lake called Lake Richmond. The buffer between the proposed Marina is very slim. If there is the slightest error salt water will filter into Lake Richmond and a major fresh water environmental asset will be destroyed. Again Barnet, who said you could give our assets to developer, and what is in it for you?

If you are at all interested in the proper planning of Western Australia for the benefit of the people of Western Australia not just a few vested interests please vote Labour on March 9.

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