Keeping the Faith. Labour leadership issues

The Mad Monk as Prime Minister of Australia is my worst nightmare.

There is only one way that I can see for Labour to recover is to return to keeping the faith. Labour needs to keep up the policies that are reforming Australia for the better and scrap the Abbott induced refugee policies in favour of a humanitarian approach. Just stick to good policy and ignore Abbott. Get the message across.

Labour is supposed to be the party of principle. Labour works well when it will stick to principal when faced with adversity. It can stare down Abbott if it finds some backbone.

Rudd blew principal when he blinked over carbon pricing. That was where labour lost me and it is only my total opposition to Abbott that keeps my intention to vote Labour strong. Rudd blinking was the point where Labour traded its principals for political expediency and lost its soul.

Where is a Labour leader who can return to Labour to being a party of principal? Not Rudd. Rudd is increasingly looking like a smiling pleasant version of Abbott; addicted to power at any price. Julia Gillard has generally done a good job but lost many supporters when she changed her policy on asylum seekers.

If anything showed a willingness to dump principle for politicking it was the change in policy in caring for those who need our help.

There are several potential leaders in the Labour cabinet. Gillard and Rudd have both passed their use-by date. My preference for leader would be Tanya Plibersek, but whoever is to lead Labour into the next election it has to be sorted out now along with a return to principal.

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