Concentrating on Abbotts blinds us to the issues.

Fixation results in tunnel vision. Super hero Tony Abbott, as a leader of the Liberals is a disgusting example of what happens when blind addiction to power overrides everything else. It blinds us to policy defects.

I agree with many of the things that have been said about his way of conducting himself, but this concentration on the man buries what is important.

Abbott is not important. What is important is what would happen to Australia if the Liberals win the next election.

Since Howard started the rot with his Telstra con there has been a stark contrast between Liberal and Labour. It is the same contrast now playing out in the Western Australia election campaign.

Labour builds infrastructure and services. Liberal sells of our assents to big business and tells us it is for our own good.

It is an unfortunate political reality that if we want better infrastructure and services we have to pay taxes. How those taxes are spread and in what form they take needs to be discussed but the bottom line is ‘no money, no services.’

We can keep and economy afloat for a while by selling of assents instead of paying taxes but we end up with no money and no assents. Do we want to end up like the USA?

There is nothing new about Liberal style ‘policies’ and the havoc they have caused in the world. ‘Trickle down’ economic policies have been around for a long time and have never worked. Making the rich richer does nothing for the poor except take away what little they have. The gulf between the rich and the poor in Australia is too wide, and getting wider.

Labour’s immigration policy is an example of what happens when a person like Tony Abbott is given too much credence. Labour adopts Abbott’s policy and it is still their fault.

It is better to ignore Abbott and get on with governing than to try to out politic him. It is impossible to win against Abbott on his own turf and our immigration policy is a prime example of what happens when political pressure overrides humanity.

It is time to ignore little Tony Abbott and bring to the forefront all of the good policy decisions of the Labour and where Liberal policy will lead.

I have faith that if the contrast between Labour policies and the Liberal con can be highlighted Abbott will be buried at the September election.

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