Do we need to expand the meaning of Taliban?

Many words in the English language start off as specific and then move into the general. Taliban in its present form refers to a specific group who want to impose a Islamic theocracy as the form of government in Afghanistan. It would not be fair to equate all followers of Islam to being ‘Taliban.’

Could the word Taliban be expanded to mean the desire to impose a religious theocracy as a form of government? Could we call the Jewish radicals who want to impose a Jewish theocracy on Israel the ‘Jewish Taliban.’

Tony Abbott is a disciple of B A Santamaria whose stated policy was that all private and pubic policy should according to strict Catholic doctrine.

As Santamaria said in 1948: ‘the most important objective of Christians … [is that they] should be capable of formulating or willing to follow a distinctively Christian policy on every social and public issue.’ ……

So what does this have to do with Abbott? I think it would be worrying if this kind of integralist Catholicism infected contemporary public life. It has no place in a pluralist, democratic state. It is also the manifestation of the kind of Catholicism that was abandoned by serious, mainstream Catholics five decades ago.

Collins, P., 2010. Abbott and Santamarias Undemocratic Catholicism  Eureka Street 20/16 August 27, 2010

Would it be legitimate to suggest that Abbott was the leader of the Catholic Taliban in Australia? Yes. I think at the very least we need to ask Tony Abbott to explain the relationship between his radical Catholicism and his political beliefs.

Paul Collins is by no means the only political (and Economic) commentator questioning Abbott’s form of Catholicism.

So do we need a word like ‘Taliban’ to describe any group who want to impose a religious theocracy as a form of government? No-matter what our view of religion it would be unfair to equate all Catholics to Tony Abbott, or all followers of Islam with the Afghani Taliban.

I think we need a word to separate followers of religion from the radicals who see it as a form of government. The word ‘Taliban’ would seem to fit the need.

How do Catholics see it? This is from Catholica

Does BA Santamaria exert more power today than ever before in Aus society? (Main Forum)

One thing I think is pretty evident now in this country is the way the old protestant establishment has almost totally disintegrated without a fight even*. The way these former DLP tragics have moved right across and taken over the Liberal Party of Menzies is a quite incredible phenomenon that there has been little commentary about in the media. Between George Pell’s strangulation hold over the Catholic Church across Australia** and the rise to power of the Santamaria Catholics in the Liberal Party, whatever the morality of it, or the practical outcomes that it may end up producing, you do have to stand in absolute awe of how unlikely an outcome it would have seemed half a century ago.

Brian Coyne LINDEN, NSW, Monday, September 10, 2012, 15:44

It seems Catholics also recognize the Catholic Taliban

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