Murdoch Makes Takeover Bid for God

Rupert Murdoch claims to be a born again Christian. He worships at the California Saddleback Church and the pastor there is Rick Warren. The Bible used by Saddleback Church is the New International Version of the Bible. It must be good for Murdoch to know that every time a member of the congregation buys a copy of the NIV Bible he gets a cut.

The publisher Zondervan owns the copyright of the NIV Bible. Zondervan is owned by Harper Collins, which is owned by News Limited. Zondervan also publish The Satanic Bible (written by the ‘Black Pope’ Anton Szandor La Vey) and several other Satanic publications.

It seems that not only does Murdoch control main stream news in Australia, America and Britain he also controls the word of God and is making a bid for the word of Satan as well.

Somehow along the way the Catholic church also got in on the act and Pope John-Paul II made Murdoch a Knight Commander of St Gregory in 1998. If he can get control of Buddha, Kistna and a few other deities he will have all his bases covered.

As Takeover bids go this is the biggy. Imaging bringing God and Satan together with Abbott and the Tea Party, not to mention Fox, B-Sky-B with its sports and porn channels and control of the internet if the Liberals win the next election. Murdoch could rule the known world as the Supreme Emperor.

It would seem that even God and Satan are powerless in the face of the Murdoch Juggernaut.

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