Climate Change. Alternative to Carbon Pricing and Abbott ponzie.

In making climate change a political issue we have destroyed the understanding of the place of politicians in our society. We need consensus as to the need for action but to expect pollies to decide on the technicalities is ridiculous. They only polarise, delay and destroy real answers.

If we really do want to reduce carbon emissions why are we playing with Carbon Pricing or Abbott’s direct action ponzie?

Eventually the answers won’t come from pollies or economists. The practicable answers will come from scientists, engineers, architects and other technocrats. The thing that motivates technocrats in this country is an Australian Standard.

When the need to reduce carbon emissions from motor vehicles was recognised an Australian Standard was written and the catalyst converter was invented. No pollies were involved in inventing the catalyst converter other than to pass legislation that it required a reduction in carbon emissions from motor vehicles.

So why not just say that ‘by 2015 the maximum carbon emissions from creating electricity shall be…. and   by 2020 the maximum emissions shall be…’ From that point stand back and let those who know what they are doing get on with it.

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