Will Gillard Equality help Battered Husband?

With all the traffic about equality and sexual discrimination do battered Husbands get a mention?

There is no equality of treatment for female victims domestic abuse and male victims of domestic abuse. This does mean I want women to get less support. I want to see men getting the same support. The way battered husbands are treated in our courts is sexual discrimination as an art form. How can there be any equality that assumes that the woman is always the victim and the man always the perpetrator? Male victims are silenced by society pretending they don’t exist. How can a person demand equality when they don’t exist?

Why are we picking at equality bit by bit? Why do we have to fight for the rights of battered husbands? Why do we have to fight for the right of gays to get married? Why do we have to fight for any group’s rights?

Why not combine to present a united front? Why cannot we have a peoples rights group rather than women’s rights, men’s rights, gay rights and all the other group’s rights?

But until there can be a simple statement that discrimination and sexual inequality will not tolerated for me the issue left, right and centre is the plight of battered husbands in our society.

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