Are Newspapers Really Dead?

I do most of my work on a computer and online. I am focused (mostly) and busy when working. But I must confess I like newspapers.

I like the relaxing, almost recreational experience of reading a newspaper. I find I can read a few lines and drift away for a bit and see were it leads, and then return to the text. I don’t mind the bias provided that facts are truthful. It would be unrealistic to expect a newspaper not to be biased.

Whilst living in London I was used to buying two or more papers and getting the bias of both. Balance can be achieved by seeing the bias of several sources and deciding for yourself..

The real problem I have with Australian newspapers (Murdoch) is that the bias is not balanced. There is no left wing paper to read to give the alternative view to the rampant right wing dogma of Murdoch. The alternative view can only be accessed on line.

I live in the Land of the Cashed Up Bogans. The only state daily newspaper is the West Australian, aimed directly at the CUB market. I rarely read it. The Sunday newspaper is Murdoch’s Sunday Times. The result is that as much as I like newspapers I don’t read them. I buy the Sunday times (If a cannot score a free one), remove the TV guide and throw the rest away.

It is a paradox that if there were two biased newspapers with different slants I would read both. But as I only have the choice of right wing dogma or nothing I chose nothing.

I don’t think that newspapers are dying because of the Internet. That is a simplistic answer. I see the immanent demise of newspapers as being the lack of diversity. The greater the concentration of powers the less diversity and newspapers move closer to death.

My view is that if we want a dynamic alternative to the Internet there has to be diversity of ownership and bias in newspapers.

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