Domestic Abuse of Men

I have been trying to talk about domestic violence against men for many years without success. According to our society they do not exist. Abused men are invisible in spite of the figures that indicate there are probably as many abused husbands as there are abused wives.

I am hoping that the Royal Commission into childhood abuse in institutions will open the way for wider issues of abuse to become visible. The debate needs to be much more than punishment of the perpetrators. That might create a ‘feel good’ mentality in our society but does little to help the victims. Victims need voice and to know that someone cares.

I have created a book starting with one story at designed to be a continuously updated from contributions received. Also this blog will be open to contributions. Send contributions through my email at the website.

The book and this blog are intended to give a voice to male victims of domestic abuse.

3 thoughts on “Domestic Abuse of Men

  1. Abuse happens because there is a “passive” person and an “aggressive” person. The passive person, be it a man or a woman or even in same sex relationships, is the person who “allows” the abuse to occur. I did not say they caused it, I said they allowed it to occur. Many times if not all of the time, people see red flags and decide to ignore them for whatever reason. This is breading ground for the aggressor/abuser. If there is no acceptance of this behavior from the beginning by a passive individual, then there is no continued abuse. No matter who the person is, he or she thinks the first, second or third time was just a fluke. Hello, that was your intuition warning you to get away from that person. Yes, men are in abusive relationships every day. A lot of this comes from growing up in “non-confrontational” homes.

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