Abbott’s Ponzi Carbon Reduction Scheme Cannot Work.

Basically the Abbott ‘Direct Action’ is a Ponzi scheme. Planting enough trees will take carbon out of the Atmosphere and bring it down to a predetermined level. Good, but then more carbon is put into the atmosphere and there is the need to plant more trees. The more carbon is put into the atmosphere the more trees are needed.

It ends up as an exponentially increasing need for more trees just to keep carbon levels from increasing.

This could keep going for a while. But in maybe twenty of thirty years time after Abbott has miraculously converted the Simpson and Great Sandy into tropical rain forests it will be impossible plant more trees, and the Ponzi will collapse.

This is another example of a supposed Abbot policy that sounds good but will not work.

The problem with Abbott’s ‘policies’ is that they sound reasonable. It is not until the policies are examined and thought about that the Ponzi nature of the Abbott polices become apparent.


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