No Place for Jonathon Moylan

The financial mess created by Bretton Woods in 1944 needs reform. The whole IMF, WTO and World Bank thing is a fiasco. The stock market needs reform. The original idea of the stock market, to allow small investor to buy into successful companies and to allow companies to raise capital for expansion was a good one.

But now the stock market is a mob of cowboys/girls playing poker with other peoples money and charging large fees for doing it. The stock market is just one long floating casino.

I agree that mining companies often behave in way detrimental to the environment and the overall interests of society. Combine mining and the stock market and you have an unholy alliance. Like many people I want to see major reforms.

But the Moylan way is not the way to go. The tactics used to bring about change do matter. Using gutter tactics to clean out the gutter does not work. We just end up in the gutter. Real, lasting reform can only come from clean motives and clean implementation of polices created by the people.

A gun will only create a bigger gun. And a bigger gun a bigger gun still. And what we end up with is Australian politics.

I want to see major changes in politics, the economy and in the financial markets. My view about how to bring about real change is to say it loud, say it clear, but stay out of the gutter.

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