Abbott does a Putin.

Action man Abbott off to fight fires? Am I cynical in thinking the most important thing was the photo-shoot with Abbot in the front of a fire truck? It would be almost as good as a photo of Abbot with a burnt finger caused from saving a little puppy.

Do our fire crews have nothing to do but keep Mr Abbott safe? I hope he hasn’t taken a photographer with him to cause even more distraction for crews already in a dangerous position. The best thing Abbott could have done was to stay out of the way and let the professionals get on with it.

There are times when it is appropriate for leaders to demonstrate support and I thought Julia Gillard was a close to overstepping the line between support and creating a liability with her visit to Tasmania. Abbott has defiantly crossed that line by putting himself in harms way and diverting the attention of at least some fire fighters away from fighting fires to looking after the poor man’s Putin. This is irresponsible behaviour.

This comes shortly after Abbott action man truck driver. He seems to like Photos of himself in the cabin of big boys toys. If he continues like this we will soon have the Abbott action man merchandising line.

Action dolls, the Abbot transformer doll that morphs into the Prime Minister who saves the world, the cute and cuddly doll for girls and so on. The only Abbott action doll I want to see is one on his bike riding off into the sunset.

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