World Suffers because America’s rich don’t like paying Taxes.

It is strange that America’s inability to understand that if they want to be a modern society with reasonable social services they have to pay taxes has such a negative affect on the world.

One of the benefits for Rupert Murdoch when he ditched Australia to become an American was that he stopped paying taxes. This might be negated to some degree if there is a change and super rich in America start paying slightly higher taxes.

There are many theories about the fall of the Roman Empire, but one that jells with me is that as the power and riches became more concentrated the ordinary citizens became disconnected and the Empire imploded. There is a real danger Western society could implode because nobody cares anymore.

America faces a real possibility of degenerating rapidly into a country where there are a few obscenely super rich whist most people live in third world condition. There will be a point where nobody cares anymore and America becomes a historical oddity like the Roman Empire.

Prince Wolkonsky, during a visit to the United States, declared that “Business is the alpha and omega of American life. There is no pleasure, no joy, no satisfaction. There is no pleasure standard except that of profit.”….

“There is everywhere comfort, but no joy. The ambition of getting more and fretting over what is lost absorb life.”

These words were written by Orison Marden in 1919 to describe a sickness he called ‘Americanitis.’ Since then it has only got worse and the problem has now spread throughout the world.

Australia has succumbed to Americanitis. Politics is now only about money, power and fear. This is fuelled by media organisations that can spread fear and despondency across Australia from the safety of their offices in New York.

Politics in Australia has become imaginary answers to imagined problems fueled by fear deliberately created in the lust for power and for the benefit of a few. Australian politics could be about creating safe, happy and secure lives for everyone, but it never will be until we find a cure for Americanitis.

I would like to see a diverse Australian owned media as a beginning. Rupert Murdoch is not an Australian. He may have been born here but made his choice to be an American. He does not qualify to be part of the Australian media. We do not need Murdoch’s press continuously creating fear and despondency as a way of creating obscene riches and power for a few.

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