Happy New Year from Tony Abbott

In his new year ‘Address to the Nation’ Tony Abbott promised that in the next few months he will be revealing his plans for Australia.’ He didn’t say if these plans will be real plans or aspiration only. By contrast Julia Gillard said what the Labour Party is doing and intends to do.

Two of the many things Abbott did not mention where Ashby and his plan for the broadband network.

It is unfortunate that the Liberal party has reached such low in believability that I will be one of the many people who vote Labour, not because I necessarily like their policies but because I do not trust Abbott. I am part of the ABA (Anyone But Abbott) community.

If I am going to trust the Liberals there are some minimum changes they will need to make.

The first is to change leaders.

The second is to come clean about Ashby and clean out anyone (including Abbott) who have acted improperly.

The third is to explain fully the connection between the Liberal Party, Murdoch, Fox Media, Foxtel and the Internet.

On the last issue I don’t seem to be taken seriously when I say there is a real problem in this relationship, but hopefully it will become an issue in 2013. Watch out for any mention of the Internet being run by commercial entities.

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