Bi-partisan Agreement that Spin is good.

I have been watching Lyndal Curtis interviewing Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos and Labour Minister Chris Bowen on the use of ‘Spin’ in politics. They were falling over each other to prove that ‘Spin’ was good. Chris Bowen said that Spin is explaining what you are doing.

Arthur Sinodinos had an interesting take of Spin. “One of the reasons Jones is successful in Sydney is he is more than a shock jock. He actually seems to ply his electorate, bit like an electorate, his listeners with all sorts of facts on things. And so he can be a very powerful advocate but he builds on something” I had never thought of Alan Jones as a supplier of facts and an advocate who builds on something.

It was a long interview, with Sinodinos and Bowen each trying out spin each other on the goodness of spin.

While this was going on I had a radical thought. Maybe Chris Bowen could try telling the truth as a way of explaining what he is doing. May be he could start by giving the media access to refugee camps and allow the media to interview refugees.

Alan Jones an advocate supplying facts and building on them? That really had me stumped. But at least we have bi-partisan agreement on something. Spin is good. No doubt we will be treated to plenty of goodness in the lead up to the Federal Election.

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