It has never been so easy for politicians to tell lies.

This is a quote from Malcolm Turnbull at the Woodford Festival. Malcolm Turnbull said many things about the need for truth and factual information in public life. He also suggested a web site that checked the facts about what Politian’s say. It is worth looking at the speech at Woodford when it becomes available on YouTube. I will be having another look.

I agree with most of what Malcolm Turnbull had to say, but at the same time had the feeling that he was making a pitch for his old job back. As a politician he is great at pointing out that his boss is less than committed to the truth without saying so. How could Tony Abbott possibly complain about one of his shadow ministers that there is the need for truth in Politics?

Turnbull also had a lot to say about the internet that sounded like support for the Government NBN rather than Abbott’s leaky boat version.

Whilst a head kicking political thug may be useful in doing as much damage as possible in today’s version of Australian Politics it would be less that intelligent to hope that it would work two elections in a row. Whilst the Labour party has plenty of depth in leadership the Liberals only have Malcolm Turnbull. I predict that the change will come soon.

That will not be so good for me. It will be so much harder to write cynical blogs about Malcolm Turnbull than Tony Abbott. If News Limited reporting was to become fair and reasonable I would be in real trouble.

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