‘We got the Politics wrong, but the economy right’.

That quote from Tony Burke this morning sums up the performance of the Labour Government. When it gets on with governing it does well. But when it tries to mix it with Tony Abbott with gutter politics they get trashed every time.

Please Labour, recognize that nobody can mix it with Tony Abbott playing gutter politics. He is a master at it. Just let Abbott do what Abbott does and if you do not give him fuel people will grow tired of his continuous garbage.

Labour will get over the supposed broken promises that are really revision of policy with changing conditions. Every good government does that. But the one issue that Labour needs to get itself out of is the condition of our refugee policy.

The treatment of refugees arriving on our shore is disgusting. In Australia the living conditions of murders in our jails is far superior to the tent cities in appalling conditions that are home to refugees whose only crime is to attempt to reach Australia. Murders know what his/her sentence is. Refugees who has not been tried or found guilty of anything are sentenced to indefinite detention in a living hell.

Labour has done so well in many areas, but all this is negated because on the humanitarian treatment of refugees Labour has followed Tony Abbott into the gutter. In the Asian century our treatment of refugees will be remembered long after Abbott and Gillard are gone.

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