‘The Government only did something after they knew they had a problem.’

This is such a ridiculous statement from Michael Keenen on behalf of the Liberal opposition that I cannot believe anyone would say it. Life would be so easy if we could act before we knew we had a problem.

Corruption has been uncovered in our customs system. It seems that the investigation by the Federal Police into the corruption has been running for at least two years. Basically the investigation into customs has been happening for the whole term of the Gillard Government. For Abbott to try to turn this into a political issue is a blatant corruption of Australian democracy.

It is likely on the time scale that the corruption in our customs system was in place during the years of the Howard Government, but we cannot blame John Howard.

The point of this post is that not everything is political. If you look at government very little of it is political. Mostly government is about administration.

Abbott cannot spin everything into a political attack on the Gillard Government.

If an opposition in a democracy is working properly it will review government legislation and if it sees a problem will say so and debate the issue with the agenda of amending problematic legislation. It will also develop alternative policies to present to the people so that choices are presented.

Smash and destroy everything at all times for the sole purpose of gaining power is not a legitimate purpose of an opposition in a democracy. It is nothing but pure vandalism and has no place in a thinking democratic society. One of the sad things about the smash and destroy approach of Tony Abbott is that the entity he is doing the most damage to is the Liberal party.

If we want to look for corruption a good place to start would be the corruption of the Australian political system by Tony Abbott.

I have received several requests for copies of my posts and permission to reproduce them in other places. This blog is subject to licensing under creative commons which means that they can be reproduced (without alteration) provided that they are correctly credited to Yosef Albric. A link to my website or this blog would be appreciated. Also I have kept a log of all my post in eBook form that can be downloaded free from http://www.yosefalbric.com and the eBook will be updated monthly.

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