Abbott. Master of Spin

The art of spin is to say nothing whilst appearing to say something. Abbott is a master at saying things that sound profound but in fact say nothing at all. There is another aspect to this. It must be impossible to prove spin to be untrue. It must be totally devoid of content.

This week I have been reading Abbott’s A Strong Australia. Rather I have been scouring it to see if I can find anything that is not just self-serving spin. So far I have found nothing. This makes it very difficult to critique A Strong Australia because impossible to saying something about nothing.

“I have always tried to be ambitious for the higher things not, for the higher office, and did not enter politics to become prime minister but to serve my country.”

I won’t even try to respond to that one.

Should I become prime minister, I will spend at least a week every year in a remote indigenous community because if these places are good enough for Australians to live in they should be good enough for a prime minister and senior officials to stay in.”

So once a year Abbott promises to have a bush holiday. Will he live with Indigenous people in the same conditions they live in? But of course this promise will be forgotten if Abbott steals power.

Contrary to the government’s repeated assertions, there are no countries – none – that are planning to impose an economy-wide carbon price.”

This ignores the different structures in place in different structures. In the USA the structure is that carbon pricing is a state issue, and the majority of US states have introduced carbon pricing and more are following. China has introduced strict environmental and carbon emission standards on all new developments that it would be impossible for Australian companies to conform. Other countries may be using different methods but for Abbott to imply that other countries are doing nothing is rubbish.

 “A Coalition government in fact is more likely to deliver an effective NDIS because it is more likely to produce the strong surpluses needed to pay for it.”

Abbott promises to deliver a better NDIS, better hospitals, better education and a better everything whilst cutting government and taxes. Sounds good but how are you going to do it. Sorry, I forgot. Abbott policies are aspirational.

“The government’s own modelling reveals that Australia’s cumulative GDP between now and 2050 will be one trillion dollars less with a carbon tax than without one.”

Sounds a lot of money, but projecting forward to 2015 it is worth considerably less, maybe one hundred million dollars and divide by 37 years and on a government level it is almost pocket money. Abbott also ignores the economic benefit to manufacturing because of the switch to renewable energy. With a project temperature rise in Australia of 5 degrees by 2050 it is difficult to imagine that we could have an economy in anything like its present form so once again meaningless spin.

“Within a week of taking office. I would go to Indonesia to renew our cooperation against people smuggling. By far the biggest obstacle to implementing policies that would stop the boats is pride.”

Abbott has already been told loud and clear by the Indonesian government, that Indonesia will not accept the boats back. Indonesia is only a staging post, not a destination and Indonesia has a vested interest in passing refuges on to Australia as quickly as possible.

And so it goes on, page after page of nothing.

The By-line to the Title A Strong Australia is “The Values, Directions and Policy priorities of the next Coalition Government.”

So it is now official. The “Next” Coalition Government has no values, no direction and no policy priorities.

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