Modern warfare is spelt OIL.

The disputes over oil reserves in the South China Sea are escalating. Now there are moves in Japan to change the constitution from a pacifist constitution to one allowing Japan to go to war.

This, plus my previous post asking questions about US Troops in Darwin and it begins to look like the pattern of attempted denial of oil to Japan in the 1930’s that led to Japan’s entry into WW2. This time it is the containment of China not Japan.

The Taliban were the friends of the USA until they refused the USA permission to build a pipeline across Afghanistan from the Caspian Basin to Pakistan. Saddam Hussein was the friend of the USA until oil security became problematic.

Again, I would like the Australian Government to come clean about what the ANZUS treaty really is and why we are led by the nose into wars that are created by the USA in the name of oil. If we do drift into war with China by following the USA in the name of a treaty that does not require us to support the USA remember that this time there will be an enemy with nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to Darwin or Perth.

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