Abbott’s opposition to Slipper enquiry

Tony Abbott has been calling for an inquiry into what Julia did in the setting up a slush fund many years ago but he is not interested in inquiring into who in the Liberal Party knew what about the Peter Slipper sexual harassment conspiracy. Tony Abbott claims an inquiry into the Slipper debacle would be a witch-hunt. And Abbott’s pursuit Julia Gillard has not been a witch-hunt?

How about we have a full independent inquiry into both? There is so much sleaze and lies in Australian politics that it is becoming impossible to imagine a Parliament that we can trust. Lets have an inquiry into the slush fund, the Slipper affair and any thing nasty sleazy little thing that surfaces. It could be that a ritual blood letting is going to be the only way that we can ever get to a position where Australian politicians can be trusted.

There may be few of the current crop will be left standing, and we might need a new generation of politicians who have the message loud and clear that Australians expect honestly in their politicians.

Forget about party politics for now. The first thing is to get to a stage where we can trust our politicians to tell the truth and discuss policies. Then we will have choices. Democracy is about informed choices and cannot exist if our choices are buried under fifty tons of fresh bovine droppings.

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