The Peter Slipper Lesson

The whole sorry Peter Slipper affair has shown just how low Australian Politics has sunk. The Godwin Grech used Ute incident that sank Malcolm Turnbull was, at the time, an all time low for the Liberal Party. But the vexatious legal attack on Peter Slipper surpasses anything I can remember. Just how low can Australian politics go?

If Tony Abbott and other members of the Liberal party survive this it will prove that there is nothing just about our political system. Even though the actions against Peter Slipper and the Government has been found to be vexatious the damage has been done.

If Abbott wins the next election there will be three issues that will be prominent in the win. Carbon pricing, Peter Slipper and the union slush fund. All of which go to show that Abbot will sacrifice anyone or anything, including any pretense of factual evidence on the Alter of ambition. This is on top of his willingness to destroy the Australian economy for power.

I hope the Slipper incident will be the end of the Abbott era and we can end the grim and sleaze that has been a feature of this Parliament. Maybe we could return to government.

1 thought on “The Peter Slipper Lesson

  1. I thought politics in the USA and UK was scraping the bottom of the barrel thanks to the antics of the corrupt Murdoch organisation but Oz politics have now joined them thanks to the same organisation backing Abbott and the promotion of his brand of hatred and bigotry,without doubt the most vile bunch of disgusting sewer dwellers you would ever have the misfortune see.

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