Democracy and US troops in Darwin

Democracy is about making choices and we cannot make choices if we are being lied to. If what we are being told is a lie we can only vote for one lie versus another without any idea what we are really voting for.

There is the blanket shut-down that it is ‘Not in the National interest’ to tell the truth. If this is a democracy and we want to preserve a democratic way of life nothing less that the full truth is in the national interest.

The latest vanishing truth seems to be the reasons given for American troops in Darwin. We are told this is part of the ANZUS treaty, but all the ANZUS says is that if Australia is attacked America promises to talk to us about it.

The Asian press is reporting American troops in Australia in terms of America going to the aid of ASEAN treaty countries in the face off with China over the ownership of oil reserves in the South China Sea. Australia is not part of the ASEAN treaty.

It seems American troops in Okinawa are too close to China and to avoid being victims of a first strike by Chine they need to be pulled back to Darwin. Also the Americans need to have submarine bases and surveillance and drone facilities. Better have them in Australia in the event of a war with China than on mainland USA.

None of this has anything to do with the ANZUS treaty. It may be in the ‘National Interest’ of the American military but it is not in our national interest,

We have rarely been told the truth by the American government, the Australian government or the British government. We have ended up in contrived wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and seen our society degenerate into torture and murder in the name of the ANZUS treaty. Even if Australia has not directly involved with torture we have enabled and supported American atrocities.

I do not want to take any moral position on the wars and conflicts we have ended up in because of the lies about the nature of the ANZUS treaty but I do take the position that in a democracy the people would be told the truth about what is really going on and to have the opportunity to voice their views.

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