Tony, Please go away.

There is evidence that many years ago Julia Gillard wrote a letter. Nobody has a copy of the letter. This letter has mysteriously disappear from all files and government agencies, nobody knows what the letter said but there is evidence that in years gone by Julia Gillard did indeed write a letter. Because of this Tony Abbott says that Julia Gillard needs to resign as Prime Minister.

If lawyer had to resign every time a company or association he/she helped set up, or wrote a related letter at the time was later used for illegal purposes we would not have any lawyers left.

I have reached the stage where whenever I see Tony Abbott my mind says B… S… before he opens his mouth.

If Tony Abbott come across the biggest corruption scandal in Australian politics I wouldn’t believe him. Credibility is everything if someone wants my vote. Unfortunately the overwhelming lack of credibility displayed by Tony Abbott translates to a lack of credibility in the Liberal Party.

If Tony Abbott is still the leader of the Liberal party at the next election I will be voting Labour. If there is a new leader of the Liberal party, they produce some real policies and retreat from the abyss I will look at the policies and decide then.

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