The coming political demise of Tony Abbott

It is easy to tell when a dictator is going to fall. It begins slowly and the dictator seems to be in complete control but the seeds of dissent just will not go away. They begin to grow and for a while the dictator seems to be in the control of the situation. But when the end comes it comes quickly.

All the signs are there the Tony Abbott is finished even if it takes a while before we bury the corpse.

Julia Gillard’s speech on misogyny was the tipping point. So much so that this week that he left this weeks question time to the irrelevant July Bishop. July Bishop then used the totally disgusting tactic of making outrageous allegations, liking Julia Gillard to a bank robber, and then saying later that she did not really mean to include Gillard. Of course this will not be remembered but her original allegations will be. Of course Bishop meant to say it. She used the totally disgusting gutter tactic of pretending to make a mistake and then retracting it as being misunderstood.

Then finally we had Tony Abbott talking, very unconvincingly about winning the next election based on positive policies to be presented in the New Year.

This reminds me of the user friendly warm-fuzzy politics Abbott promised after the last election and he was trying to win support. That lasted for as long as it took enough independent members to decide to back Julia Gillard and destroy his ambitions.

An increasingly bigger portion of the Australian public seems to be waking up to Abbott. Personally I cringe at the thought of Abbott being our Prime Minister and representing Australia on the world stage.

What I want to see at the next election is the two major parties presenting their policies before the Australian public and the public deciding. That cannot happen with Tony Abbott as leader. Tony Abbott is finished. That could happen before the next election and we could have a real election or he could stagger on and get annihilated at the next election.

The biggest asset the Labour Party has is Tony Abbott. At last they are learning how to use that asset.

3 thoughts on “The coming political demise of Tony Abbott

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  2. It had to be said, and thank you for saying it Yosef. The good men and women in the federal LNP Coalition must soon act to end Mr Abbott’s sleazy tactics, rid themselves of him and his “leadership” team and save themselves and their Coalition in the bargain.

    After a close election result Mr Abbott had 17 days in which to broker an agreement with the key Independents. He failed, on questions of “faith and confidence”, or trust. Since then Mr Abbott has been running a lie/fear/smear campaign to bring down the government. It’s a clear case of sour grapes. What is not clear is why his campaign has the support of large parts of the mainstream news media, which is supposed to fair, balanced and non-biased.

    In August this year Independent Tony Windsor told the Parliament: “You begged for the job, Tony. You said you would do anything to get the job, anything but ‘sell my arse’.”

    Mr Abbott’s political history is well documented. He helped destroy Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party in a court case that saw Ms Hanson jailed — an act that shocked Australia. Since failing to win over the Independents Mr Abbott has lived up to his word to “… do anything to get the job …” In his lie/fear/smear campaign he has sold his soul, if he ever had one, to the devil. To hell with him — he is not a fit and proper person to be the Prime Minister of Australia.

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