I am getting lots of emails accusing me of bias against Tony Abbott. This is true, but it is not a bias against Liberals. I am biased towards democracy and Tony Abbott’s continuous destructive behavior with no policy alternatives is not democracy. It is thuggery. If the Liberal party wants to win the next election instead of continuing the rubbishing of Labor they must tell us what they stand for, what their policies are and why their policies are better than Labor’s.

Tony Abbott’s rants against the Carbon Tax and Mining Tax may give short term advantages but gives Labor the advantage going to the next election with people who are tired of Abbott’s inane and meaningless tirades. If the Liberals are to win the next election in a democratic manner they need to rid themselves of Abbott and elect a leader who can articulate and debate issues in a way that gives the electorate real choice. If Abbott continues as is and wins the next election it will be a victory for mob rule, not democracy.

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